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The platform leading Asian power market, to create unlimited business opportunities
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For the first time, sponsored by the China Southern Power Grid media and Guangzhou Boyou exhibition of Asian electric power, smart grid exhibition, will become the power industry's most influential event in the Southern China area, is committed to build an efficient business communication platform for each area manufacturers and industry decision makers. The exhibition covers a plurality of power product categories, gathering domestic and foreign leading brands, in order to adapt to the demand and development trend of the industry is increasingly strong, and assist the suppliers, distributors and exporters of mining target customers, create new opportunities.
"The electric power enterprise The Belt and Road" strategy have a brilliant future
Energy cooperation is an important content of "The Belt and Road" strategy, infrastructure interoperability is the priority areas of Belt and Road Initiative "construction, accelerate energy cooperation in infrastructure interoperability, promote cross-border electricity and construction of transmission channel, power cooperation is an important part of the national" The Belt and Road "strategy in. Over the years, our country based on the domestic basis, vigorously carry out international cooperation in electricity, to enhance the power industry to go out and bring in the level. "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy is undoubtedly a new climax will set off a new round of power cooperation.
"The Belt and Road" countries covering a total population of 4 billion 600 million people, most of the national consumption of less than 1/4 in developed countries, the economic strength is weak, power development lags behind, shortage of capital and technology. Along the country rich in energy resources, the development potential is huge. China's electric power industry after decades of rapid development, equipment manufacturing, project management, talent reserve, technical standards, advanced technology development and capital accumulation has reached the international forefront of electric power cooperation by strengthening along with national governments and enterprises, can promote the development of China's power industry, while driving the electric power equipment manufacturing, project management and technical standards and other aspects of export.
China's power enterprises should seize the national implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy a major opportunity, internal and external integration, scientific planning, orderly, and accelerate the formation of a number of internationally competitive power of enterprises.
Asia electric power and smart grid Expo covering a wide range of power electrical products and a series of smart grid solutions for the enterprise to provide an excellent platform for the display, so you expand the business, for the global.
Joint host of the southern power grid, to bring new opportunities for enterprises
China Southern Power Grid was established in 2002, is the world's top 500 enterprises, the business scope covers Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan five provinces, mainly involved in the investment, construction and operation of cross regional power transmission and network engineering and electric power transmission and distribution business, and engaged in sales, trading and scheduling. Companies in the west to East and other large projects, at the same time to strengthen the power of cooperation in the Greater Mekong sub region countries and Hong Kong and Macao, is closely connected with neighboring countries and regions more. With the science and technology of China Southern Power Grid top and with its strong power as backing, a huge business network with Guangzhou Boyou exhibition in the domestic and foreign accumulation, help exhibitors to attack the target power industry decision makers, mining potential customers.
Guangzhou Bo excellent exhibition has many years of experience in the exhibition marketing and strong professional team, through the exhibition's rich media and market resources, to strengthen the brand promotion effect. One of the organizers of the Southern Power Grid media has the national public publishing and distribution of newspapers, magazines, network television and television network, to help enterprises to contact the target audience, improve the visibility of the enterprise. Seize the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Asian power electrical and smart grid exhibition, to create business peak!
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