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Ask the power "13th Five-Year" or will change the power structure
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In the comprehensive deepening reform and economic new normal under the background of power, "13th Five-Year" planning to solve the challenge for the next 5 years of industry transformation and upgrading and system reform.
The development of China's electric power industry is in a critical period of transition. On the one hand, China economic development into the depth adjustment and transformation stage, the whole society electricity demand growth decline, the traditional thermal power development environment and meet consumptive double restriction; on the other hand, Chinese has become the world's largest wind power and photovoltaic market, photovoltaic, wind power as the main renewable energy will continue the rapid development.
"13th Five-Year" plan clearly put forward to promote the four aspects of energy consumption, supply, technology and system of the revolution, to 2020 non fossil energy accounted for a proportion of energy consumption reached 15%.
This subject, many problems still need to break: new energy development is also more dependent on financial support, social disputes to restart the inland nuclear power construction of UHV power grid path to be the relevant departments for further planning. At the same time, the old problem of the long-term control of the development of new energy, such as abandoned wind and light, has not been effectively resolved.
Deputy director of the National Energy Bureau Zheng Zhajie said, "13th Five-Year" on the adjustment and optimization of the transformation and upgrading of power planning, will adjust the power structure, optimize the power grid layout, update, enhance the system adjustment ability. Obviously, or will the recent introduction of the "13th Five-Year" in electric power planning emphasizes the development goals, adjust the structure, padded short board will become the highlight of.
"National financial weekly" for these hot topics has maintained a high degree of attention, and with all parties and solutions from different areas are economic and technical demands, introduced this group of "ask power" in 13th Five-Year "report.
Power structure or large variable
Under the new economic norm, the traditional development mode of China's electric power industry "expansion and protection" is undergoing a revolutionary change, such as the thermal power industry. This is the "13th Five-Year" power planning is different from the previous five year plan for any one of the characteristics of.
"13th Five-Year" to promote the power supply side structural reform, the key is to effectively control the scale of new coal-fired power construction, optimizing incremental structure. This is the national level to establish new rules of the game through the planning, according to the law and the total balance constraint.
Have a clear message, "two years ago in 13th Five-Year will suspend approval of new coal power project, after three years on the basis of the national total control requirements, reasonable arrangements for the provincial new coal-fired power installed capacity. The next 5 years, China's coal production equipment installed in the control of about 1 billion 50 million kilowatts. According to the national energy board of 2019 coal power planning and construction risk early warning results show that even in 2019, the new power can be built in the province of only 4. Thermal power "urgent brake" has become inevitable.
Different with the power of fate, "13th Five-Year" during the Chinese photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power will usher in greater development opportunities, will become one of the highlights of 13th Five-Year "power planning.
It is reported that the national energy board has been considered, in the "13th Five-Year" in the planning process in 2020 wind power installed capacity target of 250 million kilowatts, equivalent to double in 2015 on the basis of. PV installed target is even more ambitious, in 2020 to achieve the goal of a total installed capacity of 150 million kilowatts, which is up to 3 times the total installed capacity of China in 2015.
At present the development of Chinese hydropower is the highest level, a relatively mature technology of clean renewable energy, will play a more important role in the "13th Five-Year" period. During the construction of large hydropower bases in southwest. Is expected to 2020, China's conventional hydropower installed capacity of about 350 million kilowatts. Nuclear power under the premise of ensuring safety, is expected to reach 58 million kilowatts installed capacity in 2020, under construction capacity of 30 million kilowatts or more.
The first important thing is to solve the problem.
China's energy production and consumption is typical of the reverse distribution characteristics, renewable energy is no exception. In recent years, the rapid development of wind power, photovoltaic, water and electricity at the same time, the problem of waste electricity is becoming increasingly serious. Data released by the national energy board in July showed that in the first half of 2016, the average number of hours of wind power utilization hours 917 hours, down 85 hours; the average rate of abandoned wind 21%, an increase of 6 percentage points.
For nuclear power, the total electricity consumption growth fell in the background, also has the consumptive problem, the installed capacity at the same time, must break the consumptive problem restricting the development of the industry.
Chinese, academician of the Academy of engineering, deputy director of the National Energy Advisory Committee of experts on power Specialized Committee director Du Xiangwan to "national financial weekly" reporter said, in the pursuit of development goals and solve the current problems of industry choice, "13th Five-Year" to solve the problem in the first place, which is fundamental to the sustainable development of electric power industry.
The National Energy Bureau of new energy and renewable energy company new energy department deputy director Li Peng said, is preparing a "13th Five-Year" planning for wind power, photovoltaic power planning is not installed capacity and grid target, but to maintain stability and solve the problem of electricity policy focus. Structure and layout adjustment will become the "13th Five-Year" wind power and PV installed capacity target, an important measure to alleviate the problem of light, abandoned abandoned wind.
For wind power, the policy guidelines to the eastern and southern development will become an obvious trend, by 2020, the eastern and southern regions onshore wind power installed capacity of 60 million kilowatts. Single item installed power is small, the nearest access to the power grid in the local use of distributed wind power more attention, plans to 2020, distributed wind power installed capacity of more than 10 million kilowatts.
PV industry changes will be presented"
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