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National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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The light blue of the Mercedes Benz car slowly accelerated, moving in a roof mounted between the solar panels of the building. Already in mid December, but this elevation of 1600 meters of the place is still warm, two or three kilometers far away from the mountains a little bit of snow.
This is the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the town of Gordon, Colorado, about 20 minutes drive from the state capital, Denver. Recently, in the United States under the State Department foreign correspondents center, including Xinhua News Agency reporters, including some foreign reporters visited the laboratory.
This is the only national laboratory dedicated to renewable energy research in the United States. At present, there are about 1500 employees in the lab, and 800 other researchers, interns or contract workers. It is reported that the laboratory's annual research funding of about $350 million, resulting in economic benefits in the recent year, a study of fiscal year 2012 fiscal year 815 million up to $.
Household appliances energy efficiency is the focus of research in renewable energy laboratory. In the smart power lab, the reporter saw a cooperative project with the German home appliance manufacturer BOSCH - to improve the interoperability of home appliances communication with the open source control software. Responsible for the project within the ˙ Christensen said, interoperability of future home automation system is very important, is the integration of home appliances, a necessary condition to improve energy efficiency.
Household appliances can also be integrated with clean energy. More and more families choose to install solar panels on the roof, but also the excess solar power back to the grid, but the distribution network has brought a series of challenges, so the power companies hope every family can try to use its own production of solar power instead of putting it back to power grid.
Renewable energy laboratory is part of the United States Department of energy, which is the predecessor of the solar energy research institute, which began in 1977. "Courage" and "opportunity", the use of solar panels on the solar panels made by the laboratory. Engineer Mark &dot engaged in solar energy research in the laboratory; Landry, the efficiency of solar cells in space for use by nearly 50%, but the price is extremely expensive, his lab is working with companies on how to reduce the cost, and large-scale production, he believes that the thin film solar cell is the future of solar cells.
Renewable energy laboratory equipped with the world's highest energy efficiency super computer, it uses power supply of renewable energy, is the first to use warm water cooled supercomputers in the world, the other super computer most of the use of air conditioning cooling. Researchers used it to simulate various energy scenarios, such as the impact of solar power generation on the grid hardware, etc..
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