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Power equipment will become the force of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our country
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With China's continuous breakthroughs in the field of nuclear power technology, UHV transmission technology, new opportunities for the power equipment industry of China is in development, is also expected to become after high-speed rail, the new name card of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to go abroad. In the background of "China manufacturing 2025" released under the state clearly the smart grid development of power transmission and user end equipment as a key development direction, and points out to make a breakthrough in power generation equipment, power transmission equipment and key components such as the core technology, gradually promote the power equipment industry development in china. In our city construction accelerating drive, energy supply to the power equipment industry as the core will also get rapid development, coupled with the supply side structural reforms to promote, "13th Five-Year" during the field of power equipment investment continued to increase, the power equipment industry in China is expected to usher in the transformation and upgrading of the golden period of development.
For a long time, China's power development basically follow the expansion of insurance for the idea, through the increase of installed power generation and distribution capacity, meet the needs of different regions in different periods of electricity demand, in this way, China's electric power industry in the long term for the light "situation, namely, power transmission and distribution construction lags behind the power supply construction, urban and rural distribution network construction lags behind the main network construction, load center receiving end power grid construction lags behind the power grid construction. In the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries the power grid transmission and distribution investment is about 1.2 times the power of the investment, much higher than the current level of china. Because of the problems in our country, the source network construction is not complete and other prominent, lagging power equipment construction scale and the local load level does not match, the auxiliary power grid planning and construction, and network transmission interval, consumptive limited. Case of wind power, the more attention are wind construction, despise supporting grid construction, because the wind away from the Chinese network trunk line, transmission line construction is not complete, resulting in a large number of wind power resources to the Internet, causing a great waste of power resources, and the local government in attracting wind power manufacturing enterprises, to build wind power supporting the industry chain to promote less attention, is not enough, resulting in wind power resources currently available have been settled, the formation of a large number of There is not much left., difficult to attract large-scale development of wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises in the situation.
Although China's installed capacity ranks first in the world, but "abandon wind", "waste water" and "discard" phenomenon is extremely serious, 2015 abandoned wind power reached 33 billion 900 million kwh, the average abandoned wind rate of 15%, an increase of 7 percentage points, the highest level in recent years; "discard" power consumption is about 5 billion kwh, mainly concentrated in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the two regions of Gansu Province, accounting for abandoning the light quantity proportion reached 83%; in 2015 the year of abandoned water consumption of about 20 billion kwh. Country clearly put forward to vigorously promote the construction of distributed energy and smart grid, to speed up the laying of power supply network in China, and gradually improve the power generation equipment industry and power transmission and distribution equipment industry seriously unbalanced situation.
At present, the world economy is still in the depth adjustment period after the international financial crisis, the weak overall recovery trend, coupled with the local political turmoil, the financial market is still in the doldrums, the downward pressure on the economy, many countries have reduced the growth of major economic indicators. While China's economy is entering a "new normal", in the growth rate of the schedule change, structural adjustment pains and policy digestion period three overlay under the background of electric power equipment industry development continues to slow, "a number of industry development in 12th Five-Year" to promote the situation has not reached the expected. 2015 full year total industrial added value of 228974 yuan, an increase of 5.9% over the previous year, the growth rate continued to decline, in which the traditional manufacturing, electricity production and supply industry and other growth rates were lower than the average. From the sub field of view, substation equipment, power transmission equipment, power generation equipment such as the two industry still maintained a lower growth rate, individual industry or even negative growth, the boom of the industry downturn, the pace of development is difficult to achieve the expected revenue and profit of many enterprises in the industry fell.
As the Chinese government attach importance to the development of smart grid, from "2025" to China manufacturing "People's Republic of China national economic and social development thirteenth five year plan", are clearly the smart grid in China is to foster the development of new energy strategic emerging industry focus, smart grid construction has risen to national development strategy. The core is not a new power grid construction in the development of smart grid, but the original traditional intelligent power grid upgrade, considering China's energy distribution in the regional distribution characteristics of load consumption, the construction of smart grid can be large-scale, efficient allocation of energy. China has entered the world in smart grid technology, the future will focus on the development of advanced energy storage devices, smart grid, power transmission and user terminal equipment etc.. China has now completed a total of three "9 pay six straight UHV project, formed the north and central China, East China, northeast, northwest, South, Tibet 6 synchronous grid, realize the national network in addition to Taiwan, and was included in the" national atmospheric pollution prevention action plan "" four five a total of 9 straight UHV transmission project started construction, will be put into operation in 2017 to achieve a comprehensive, will further promote the optimization and utilization of energy resources, promote the development of power equipment manufacturing industry. The next 10 years to 20 years will be the main period of China's smart grid construction, the total investment size of the smart grid is expected to close to 4 trillion yuan. With the development of urbanization in our country, the construction of smart grid is obviously accelerated, and the intelligent construction of urban and rural power distribution network
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